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TimeLess Yoga, located in Ogden, Utah provides a variety of classes, for all levels, to maintain a healthy body, a joyful spirit, and a quiet mind.


TimeLess Yoga is a collective of talented teachers offering a wide variety of yoga classes to the best yoga students in the world! Our students are what truly make the studio - and Ogden, Utah yoga community - great. They are dedicated to their practices, to learning and growing in our safe and nurturing environment. The studio is warm, peaceful and exudes a zenlike charm.

Located in Ogden, Utah, we believe Yoga is a life changing and lifelong practice, and that it was meant to be shared with others.

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$79 for the 8-week series - 75 min. Classes

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Yoga for Recovery and Mobility

I'm influenced by my own personal experience in dealing with chronic pain and chronic body imbalances. My focus and philosophy for these classes is based on my own journey of discovering mobility comes from having Flexibility and Strength.

Recovery Yoga — Flexibility + Strength = Mobility.

Discover a new and increased way to gain mobility with functional movements based on anatomy, fascial release, and strengthening sequences. This class teaches foundational movements to retrain and stabilize the body on and off the mat, yielding optimal patterns of movement for life. Unlock your body, and keep it that way!

Who class is for — Those who may suffer from chronic joint or muscular pain. Athletic people looking to increase mobility. People recovering from recent injuries. Really though, i'ts for everyone. We all have compensatory patterns in the body that benefit from understanding how to stabilize and retrain it with better awareness and understanding.

What each class might involve — A lot of focus on stabilizing the pelvis through abdonmial engagement, understanding how to engage pelvic and shoulder girdle correctly. Strengthening movements for most common areas of body that are underdeveloped. Fascial release techniques using props

Today's Studio Classes

Time Class Teacher Description
6-7 am Integrative Yoga Laurel Infused with a variety of moderate yoga modalities.
9-10:15 am Yin to Rise Yoga Kristin Gentle flowing yoga combined with yin postures.
6-7 pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga Vicky Just enough movement with a cooling finish.

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200-RYT Teacher Training SIGNUP NOW!

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You may be interested in teaching yoga classes in your community, at a yoga studio or gym, school, workplace or senior center. OR, you may just want to deepen your yoga practice and personal growth. Whichever category you fall within, this is the training for you.


Beginning Meditation

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Join us for this FREE Beginning Meditation class to learn the basics of meditation. Expect meditation in a variety of modalities that include music or silence, lying down or seated, guided imagery or positive affirmations.

TimeLess Yogo Studio has Classes & Workshops for all Levels.
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